Public School’s Shortcoming In Preparing Students For College

Many children attend public school to learn what they need to get on with life. One of the main issues that a lot of kids are dealing with is that they are simply not fully prepared to enter college. College courses can be incredibly difficult and this might be a problem for a lot of kids who are new to the college atmosphere and work load. One of the things that all parents need to do is to ensure that their kids are fully prepared so that they can make the most out of their college experience. Read the rest of this entry »



How Colleges Contribute To The Notoriety Of A Town

How Colleges Contribute To The Notoriety Of A Town

The Weight of The Big H
One way to realize the effect a college town produces on its name is by analyzing one particular area. By putting a specific city under the microscope of analysis, you will start to see how this applies to other cities throughout the world. More specifically, Boston is a city rich in history, culture, education and premiere colleges. When someone says MIT, Harvard, Read the rest of this entry »



A University’s Responsibility To Its Local Community

When a university establishes itself in a town, city or region, there are certain expectations from the local community. Depending on how the university works with the local community, the school may be expected to offer more than just a good education to its students.

The university has a primary responsibility to the local community of making sure that the campus, faculty and students are all work towards the goal of making the community better. This can happen Read the rest of this entry »



What College Students Don’t Know About Car Insurance

Everyone who drives has to have car insurance. For younger people, that insurance is going to cost more money. However, there are several facts that college students aren’t aware of when it comes to finding an affordable auto insurance policy.

The Amount Of Your Premium Varies By Person

Just because you are under the age of 25 doesn’t mean that your car insurance rates have to be overly expensive. Instead, there are classes, discounts and other ways to lower car insurance premiums for college-aged drivers. Driving an older car, bundling your car insurance policy with other insurance policies and having a clean driving record will significantly lower your rates.

Shopping Around Is An Easy Way To Save Money

You don’t have to stay on a particular insurance policy until it expires. Drivers have the right to switch auto insurance providers at any time. It is a good idea to compare auto insurance companies at least once a month or every three months. Changes to your credit score, driving record or driving a different vehicle could potentially save you money. Take advantage of your changing circumstances to save money.

Staying On Your Parents Policy Is An Option

If you are on your parents policy, you are eligible for whatever discounts they get on their policy. Another good idea is to leave your car at home if you are going away for school. You can then cancel the insurance until you get home or transfer the policy into somebody else’s name.

College students should be aware that there are many easy ways to save money on car insurance. Cancelling your policy can occur at any time and staying on your parents policy can entitle you to discounts and a lower rate that what you may be able to get on your own while in college.

An institution of higher learning is a hefty investment for any student. Not only is it costly when it comes to finances, a college or university takes a large block of valuable time for individuals intent on bettering themselves and their possibilities for success in the future. A university president must take his or her responsibilities with all due seriousness. Dedicated commitment to the student body is a must. The university president is like a ship’s captain, ensuring that all passengers Read the rest of this entry »



A University Is As Good As Its Student Body

When undertaking that monumental decision of continuing one’s education, it is vital to choose well. The time spent in higher education will lay the groundwork for the future and the outcome later in life. Happiness, fulfillment, and success will depend on how wisely time is spent in a college or university. Students in high school or adults intending to return to school in order to further their education will aim to select a college to Read the rest of this entry »



An MRS Degree Compliments A BA Degree

There was a time when women only went to college to get an “MRS” degree. In fact the private school I attended had that reputation in the 60′s. The the Feminist movement hit universities and marriage was seen as degrading to women, who went after advanced academic degrees with new fervor.

However, modern women are learning a balance to life. While a career is satisfying and fulfilling in many ways, and of course pays the bills, most women are finding the the best lifestyle is a “double major.” They are getting the “MRS” and the BA. Read the rest of this entry »



Bachelor Degrees Have Become The Equivalent Of Associate Degrees

Whoever said that a college degree was a guaranteed pass to the career of a lifetime? Is there coming a time that where the college degree may become meaningless? Can a person get the most basic degree and then settle?

Each of these questions warrants its own investigation, but this will be an attempt to quickly answer and explain each. This is not an endorsement of any kind for any school, but is a quick look into the facts that people are facing today.

First, the college degree as a guarantee has been debunked for decades. Read the rest of this entry »